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Chitosanase, Cellulase & Serrapeptase

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More Probiotic Education

From "Chito" the Chitosanase

"Supplementing with a comprehensive probiotic blend that contains prebiotics and enzymes has additional advantages.  Prebiotics provide essential nourishment for bacterial fermentation, creating the ideal condition for colonization.  Enzymes help remove decaying matter from the intestinal tract, preventing possible immune responses to toxins that can accumulate in the tract while simultaneously prepping the environment for beneficial bacteria to flourish."


Revolutionary Blend

From "Celly" the Cellulase

"Probiotic Packs are a revolutionary blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes, specially formulated to promote colon health, help maintain proper intestinal microflora, including Candida, and support a healthy cleanse program."

Proven Cultures

From "Sara" the Serrapeptase

"The ProBiotic Pack combines proprietary digestive enzymes and enzyme blends with scientifically proven cultures (See Section: “The Right Stuff”) of specially coated probiotics using Enhanced Probiotic Delivery System ® (EPDS).  This delivery is not an encapsulation process; it is a coating that allows for maximum performance and preservation of probiotics.  Superior to standard time release mechanisms, EPDS delivery ensures release of the probiotics in the alkaline pH of the lower intestines, ensuring potency, and delivering healthy bacteria into the intestinal tract for optimal benefit."

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