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Why are Probiotic Packs the Best Probiotics for you?  

Probiotic Pack distinguishes itself from other intestinal cleansing formulas in the following ways:

  • Contains Chitosanase, a unique and powerful enzyme that helps to break down chitin, an important part of the structure of the Candida cell wall. Cellulase enhances this activity by breaking down the cellulose component of the cell wall.

  • Includes SEBiotic® is a special spore-forming probiotic that is incredibly stable in the dormant state. Using our Enhanced Probiotic Delivery System™(EPDS), this probiotic can exist in a dehydrated state indefinitely.

  • Features EPDS™, which delivers larger amounts of living bacteria into the intestinal tract, where they colonize and flourish. Once in the intestinal tract, these bacteria exit their spores, attach themselves to the intestinal mucosa, and begin to germinate, producing new colonies of friendly bacteria.

  • Contains Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), nutrient-dense alfalfa and papaya powder comprise a fortified prebiotic blend, which enhances the growth and stability of probiotics in the gut.

  • Includes High-activity proteases, including Peptizyme-SP brand serrapeptase, which hydrolyzes putrefying food matter trapped between the intestinal villi, which can cause sluggish digestion, bloating and an increase in toxins. These enzymes create a better intestinal environment, improved absorption, motility and better overall colon health.


Our systemic enzyme blend is manufactured in a ISO 9001:2000 and GMP certified facility.

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